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Ben Kei


Ben Kei began DJing Jungle and DnB in the mid 90’s and co-ran several nights around Hackney from 96-2000 before taking a back seat and focusing more on his music production. Ben mainly plays 91-96 Hardcore, Jungle and DnB but also spins Ska, Reggae, Dub and other early Jamaican sounds as well as Funk, Soul and Rare Groove as well as some Afrobeat and Hip Hop with the Dalston Chillies Hot Sauce Soundsystem.

Over the years Ben has been playing at Jungle Drum’n’Bass events such as Rupture, Technicality, Pressure and Timestretch and on a more eclectic rip, Bangarang at the Castle which was always 3 hours of reggae followed by 3 hours of jungle,

Recently Ben has put out a top release on his new Dalston Chillies label. Check out his amazing remix of DJ Dextrous and H Pee’s Time To Move. 

Dalston Chillies

DJ Trax

I started Drumming at 7, DJing at 12 and at 15 I formed the hip hop group Mixrace with two MC`s (Dev Paradox + Leke Aerosoul.)

I released my first track a year later (1991) on Brain Records. In the same year myself and Dev signed to Moving shadow. 

Over the next 3 years I released Solo 12″s on Shadow under DJ Trax and Joint releases under Mixrace.

In 94 we set up 5 record companies with Scott W and Gary S Stronghold, Mixrace Productions, Offset, Nautilus+ Mobhanded.

Myself and Paradox released a couple of dozen 12″s on the labels, both solo, and duo (under Brown + Dangerman.) We also collaborated with Hyper On Experience.

From 97 to 2003 I mainly focused on downbeat/leftfield music. I released an album and two 12″s on LaCerba/3mv as well as releasing on Goodlooking, Kriztal, Mole, Beats + Pieces and Hed Kandi. I also Remixed Kurtis Blow The Breaks!

From 2003 to 2010 I have released a further two albums 1,000 Pictures and Thoughts In Widesceen which was on the front cover on Knowledge Magazine.

I have also released on Outsider Music, AKO Beatz, Tempo Records, Transmute, Ocyris, Paradox Music, Mole, Next Phase, Repertoire, OSR, Subvert Central, Subtle Audio, Crisis, Misspent Music, Syncopathic Recordings and my own label Audio Buffet.

I have have released a series of EP`s with US Hip Hop group Assorted Anonymous. Followed by a Vinyl album.

Alongside the releases I’ve also written music for many TV/Multimedia projects
and Scored for the Feature Film Shifty.

Throughout this time I have been DJing and putting on nights and currently I am managing Essex and East Anglia Big Fish Little Fish events.

You can catch Trax alongside Nucleus every second Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm doing their Catch a Groove Show on
Distant Planet Event


DJ Poison

Martin Poison has been into vinyl mixing since the age of 14, DJing out since 15 originally under the name ‘Darkside’. Jungle & Oldskool pirate stations thru the ’90’s were his main inspirations, later branching out into tekno/gabber as the drum & bass scene of the early 00’s became more MC based.
Today, Poison continues to push all factions of dark edge rave music, be it 4/4 or breakbeats.

For Distant Planet Martin will be dropping a ruff set of 92-94 darkside Jungle & Hardcore bangers, peppered with some fresh new generation wax made in the same oldskool style.



DJ Realer



Music has always been a big part of Dj Realer’s life from a very young age. But it wasn’t until December 2010 that he decided it was time to dust off an old pair of Numark’s and finally learn how to mix. it was an instant addiction, mixing everyday and building a strong collection of old school dance music.

January 2013 at the Euphoriom Nightclub in Acton would be the first time an audience would get a taste of his old school selection. Bookings then started to grow, and he developed an insatiable appetite for DJing. Dj Realer was lucky enough to have a great group of friends who also shared his passion for underground dance music. They would then go on to form the Beautifully Crafted Jungle crew, and a page on Facebook that has put the old school jungle scene back in the picture.

When the page “Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle!” grew popular, it was clear that the crew should start putting on events. You can also find Realer and the Beautifully Crafted crew on the jungle train on a Sunday for their bi weekly show.

DJ Realer has been lucky enough to take his DJ skills out of the country, blessing new crowds From Europe to Asia.
You may have heard him play at events in the UK such as Distant Planet, Rupture, Jungle Syndicate, Launch, Destiny, Hogsozzle Festival, to name a few.

He has been known to have the most eclectic taste in music out of his crew. Find him spinning Hardcore, Jungle, Breakbeat, Techno, Trance, House, Acid, Electro, Italo, Funk and Disco.

One of his most treasured memories in the DJ scene would be when he was lucky enough to play alongside the legend, Tango.

DJ Realer Soundcloud

Beautifully Crafted Jungle Soundcloud





A DJ since 1986 and long time Paradox collaborator Nucleus has released on legendary labels such as Reinforced, Metalheadz, Good looking and Samurai as well as his own imprint ‘Esoteric’co-run with Paradox which is an exclusive outlet for their material.

Immersed in early Hip Hop culture he started mixing and scratching Hip Hop,Electro and Funk breaks after being influenced by DJ’s such as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Cheese and Double D and Steinski’s ‘The Lessons’ mixes.This led on to buying a 4-track tape recorder and creating break mixes and Hip Hop tracks with local MC’s,and playing at local parties.
When the rave scene kicked off he started going to clubs like the Dungeon, Crypt, Telepathy, Roller Express and then later Paradise club (AWOL).Getting into House and early breakbeat rave, DJing at parties and raves and staying with the music as it evolved through Hardcore,Jungle to Drum and Bass.

His first vinyl outing was in 1992 on Brain records, a B-side track called ‘I Can’t Stop’ on The Raw And Ready EP and in 1996 started making tunes with Dev Paradox recording as ‘Noise’ and then ‘Nucleus’ releasing various 12″s and LP tracks of dark Jazzfunk Breakbeat inspired DnB/Jungle and deeper ambient sounds on various leading DnB labels.

This led to the creation of ‘Esoteric’ in 2002.
Also staying with his Hip Hop roots he released 2 BBoy break mixtapes with Break Dj Leacy in 2000 which have become classics in BBoy circles worldwide.
As well as DnB/Jungle he has always played a wide musical spectrum collecting Funk, Disco,B-Beats, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Jazz Reggae, Broken Beat and everything in between. His renowned DJ sets have seen him travel the globe.


Originally hailing from Glastonbury, UK and nurtured on a strict diet of mixtapes, raving in fields and doodling in school books, producer, DJ and visual artist, Alex Eveson, has been making his journey through the deeper spectrums of drum & bass since the mid 2000’s.

After initially breaking into the scene as a designer (with artwork for labels such as Metalheadz/Exit Records), Eveson’s music soon became the centre of attention after Fabio debuted a selection of early productions on his BBC Radio 1 show in the summer of 2006. In the ensuing months, Eveson went from a little known name to one of the most featured Drum & Bass artists on UK airwaves, whilst his signature ‘soulful and groove driven’ sound found it’s way into boxes of DJs from all corners of the scene, gaining support from Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Bryan Gee, Grooverider, Marky, Shy FX, dBridge, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Doc Scott, Total Science & more…

The next few years saw Eveson stacking up releases across a selection of the scene’s most prominent labels from original pioneers Good Looking Records, 31 Records and Creative Source, to new school taste makers Horizons, Critical and Shogun Ltd. In 2012, Eveson released his debut LP ‘The Last Summer Of Love’ on V Records, a genre bending album of influence and exploration.

After a brief hiatus DJing in the French Alps, 2014 saw Eveson re-emerge as Dead Man’s Chest (as a means to explore his original influence of early 90s rave tapes), producing a series of EPs for Ingredients Records that culminated in the 2016 release of the Trilogy Mixtape; a 90 minute collage of tripped out jungle revivalism. 

2017 marks the latest chapter in Eveson/DMC’s career with the launch of Western Lore, a record label which serves as both a channel for Alex’s musical and visual ideas, and a space for artists to truly explore their unique style and individuality.




In 1995 Coco Bryce started DJing hardcore and breakbeat, gradually switching to d&b and tekno a few years later. Mainly operating under his “DJ-Y” moniker (as part of the notorious ZMK Soundsystem) he also took his first steps as a producer, which resulted in his debut vinyl release in 2000 on the Obnoxious label of friend and fellow DJ/producer OBX.

By the late 00’s his focus had shifted more towards downtempo styles like hip hop and skweee, releasing a number of records and cassettes on such labels as Harmönia, Fremdtunes and his own Myor imprint

The last couple of years have seen him go full circle, playing and producing mainly jungle and breakbeat hardcore, running two sublabels specialized in said styles (Myor Massiv and Diamond Life), collaborating with the likes of Dead Man’s Chest, Tim Reaper and fellow Dutch junglist FFF and dropping a slew of EP’s and 12”s on various UK based labels including 7th Storey Projects, Fresh 86, Western Lore and Hypercharger






Morgan OSL’s love of music goes back to the early 80s with the emergence of Electro and Hip Hop. In ’86 he moved to Manchester the home of the Haçienda and lived there until ‘92. During this time, he was buying House, Hardcore and Rave vinyl from Eastern Bloc, Spin Inn and Underground Records and DJ’ing small gigs with duo Mo2vation (Kevin F. and Lee ST Files). In ’92 he moved back to London and managed to secure a regular slot on Format FM after Swift & Zinc and played up to the stations demise. Rinse FM followed in the mid-nineties and he was a regular for a year or two. During this time, he also played at various local club night for Mad B the owner of Quayside Records. Fast forward to today and he’s recently held a weekly slot on the re-launched Dream FM UK and played for Rupture one of the UKs leading club nights for Drum & Bass and old school Jungle.



In the summer of 1995 a teenage Ant D-RINK, sick of being force fed a diet of watery dutch trance being played by the likes of Judge Jules on Radio 1, decided to scan the airwaves of South London for a more underground sound. Somewhere near the end of the dial in the midst of white noise and inane radio banter, he chanced upon a pirate station playing a type of music he’d soon find out, was known as happy hardcore. This station was the legendary Dream FM. For a short time he was fascinated by the uptempo kicks and cheesy vocals but a few of the DJs on the station were playing a different sound. Slower, with darker melodies and more Breakbeat. Hearing these sounds for the first time struck a chord in Ant’s brain and his passion for Oldskool rave sounds really exploded when he joined ‘the Oldskool mailing list’ where he gained a lot of knowledge and friends who’d been ravers back in the day. This lead to the scanning of many online lists of Oldskool records, before the days of Discogs and Broadband that let you could listen to things online and Ant would phone up the online sellers and ask them to play track after track on down the phone line, much to their annoyance and over a few of years he amassed a decent collection of tunes from 88-95, all at prices which seem like a bargain in comparison to the inflated prices of today.
ant3Having learnt to mix on a pair of belt drive Sound Labs turntables, Ant got his first gig playing Oldskool at the Kingston Mill pub in 1999. This was also the year he started going to Oldskool nights at the infamous Camden Palace and various others such as Raindance. In 2004 and wanting more DJ gigs, Ant took things into his own hands by started a night called Snaffle, playing a mixture of Oldskool and Nu-skool breaks. In 2006 he hooked up with the encyclopaedic DJ YT to do Gutter Monkey, which mixed up Oldskool alongside disco and darker electro and techno as well as some DnB. Having started with a bang both of these nights fizzled out due to the respective venues going out of business. A long break from promotion followed but Ant kept partying. Not having been to an Oldskool night for some time because he was sick of hearing the same tunes again and again, one day he went to his first Oldskool all-dayer, which was at the Tuffnell Park Dome. This was Distant Planet. Appreciating their ‘all killer, no filler’ approach to playing Oldskool, Ant became a devotee of their events and endeared himself to to the crew with his ‘not giving a sh*t’ approach to dressing up and getting a full face paint of the Distant Planet logo at their Twickenham event. In 2012 the opportunity to put on a party in a local venue fell into Ant’s lap and renewed his enthusiasm for putting on parties. In one week with the help of some equally passionate mates, ‘KLARTBEAT’ was conceived and a great party was had at a local venue in Hackney. ‘KLARTBEAT’ moved to a bigger better venue and hosted The Ragga Twins alongside Jerome Hill, a night which Distant Planet’s Hughesee described as ‘quite some achievement’. Further parties were had with Shades of Rhythm and Daddy Freddy taking to the stage but inevitably the venue shut it’s doors permanently, leaving KLARTBEAT in limbo. Ant can be found out and about dancing on one side of the decks or other playing a mixture of styles but mainly Oldskool. Why is he called D-RINK? You’ll have to check him and find out!