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Check out this Discogs tale that Hughesee (Beatgraphter) has submitted.

Here is the full story that was submitted:

I was trying to find the origins of the sample “Girl im starting to lose it” from “The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Mix)” off this release a classic Jungle tune from 93 for those that know it was huge at the time.

I tried posting on a couple of forums and after about 6 months no one had come forward so thought I would post on one of the Discogs forums I think about that time was when I signed up on this group for people into Oldskool / Rave / Hardcore

So another Discogs user known as SeRKeT managed to ID it after a while now only telling me the origin of the sample but going through the trouble to provide me with a recording of the accapella I was totally blown away by this level of helpfulness and have shared this knowledge with many people who did not know the origins of this sample. For anyone interested it is from the acapella on this release.

Anyway some time down the line I think about a year and a half I was at this party and my girlfriend and DJ partner Louise Plus One spotted this guy dancing and thought the guy looked quite oldskool and got chatting to him about rave related things and after a while bought him over to introduce him to me .. so I got chatting to this nice guy called Curtis and both of us being into vinyl collecting and stuff we were chatting about all manner of things vinyl. After 30 mins into the conversation I recited this story to Curtis and just after I told him he was beaming from ear to ear and as I got to the point of explaining about the Discogs user he replied “That was me” we both could not believe it whats the chances of that happening!

Every time we see each other about we will always say how mad that was. I got to big up Curtis (SeRKeT) I thought I knew a lot about oldskool dance music but this guy is on another level!

The Distant Planet crew would like to recommend this new offering by Scanone. The second release on this label is a slab of awesome darkside hardcore with a very 93 sounding edge to it check out the clip above and if you like you can head over to where you can get this release and some T-shirts and slipmats with the label’s cool design.

The release was given to the Distant Planet crew on the handover from Scanone to us playing on Brainwash @ Glastonbury and our instant reaction was to play it and it went down a storm so we highly recommend. Also there are releases of Modified Magic #1 still in stock so check that out.

Here is Yellow Machines Soundcloud a project run by Scanone over the years that has touched on a variety of styles.





Warlock began DJing in 1990, with his first gig being at the Wasp Factory in Plymouth. He then went on to write for the . \zzzzRavescene & Generator, as well as hosting a show on Pulse FM and A&R for Kickin Records. He is one to keep his finger on the pulse with upfront dance music also not one to forget the classic rave sounds from over the years. He co-runs a record label Rag & Bone Records alongside his partner No Yeah No releasing various twisted Techno, Electro and Bass music cuts.

You can catch Warlock on every Tuesday 11:00-13:00 UK GMT.

Uncle Dugs


Uncle Dugs

Uncle Dugs presents Run Come Follow Friday #RCFF the only legal daytime weekly Oldskool / Jungle Radio show in the world every Friday 11:00-14:00 on Rinse FM 106.8 As well as presenting this landmark show he regularly smashes up raves around the world it was a pleasure to have him play at our event @ Peckham Palais he certainly rocked the crowd.